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We are very keen to ensure the smooth export of all food products from the United Kingdom and are well positioned to support your business. Please enquire by completing the form below or by email.
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The Export Certification Process...
Step 1:
Find out what certificate(s) you need
List the product(s) you wish to send to which country(ies) and  establish certificates to be obtained via the online portal. 2:Make contact with A&H (click here)Our team will be able to assess whether your export consignment is possible in a phone or email consultation. We will then advise what requirements must be complied with.
Step 3:
Apply for the Export Health Certificate(s) (click here)
By the end of 2020, most EHC applications will be done via the EHCO system. To apply for the certificates, exporters should register via the Government Gateway portal, selecting TO FILL IN as the “certifier” when completing the online application.
Step 4:
The visit, inspection and documentation
A vet from our team will visit your site to inspect the goods.They will check your product, labelling, storage etc, then ensure you to obtain the required documents and assurances. These might include details of country of origin, heat treatment and processing.
Step 5:
The certification
We will check the Export Health Certificate and accompanying documents thoroughly before signing and stamping. The original will be sent to you or with your driver so you can export your product, while we also file a copy with APHA (Animal & Plant Health Agency) and retain another for our own files. Please be aware that no certificate can be signed once the product has left the United Kingdom.

EHC online (EHCO) system, which will  replace the email process.
For further information about the many different EHCs that exist, go to:
Further information on EHCO can be found at:

For more information contact us at:
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